The Premier Tanning Service Provider in Pasadena, CA

OATS Organic Airbrush Tanning Service can help you achieve the perfectly tanned complexion you want without staying too long under the sun. With our custom spray tanning services, you will get the most natural-looking cosmetic tan that complements your unique skin tone. Rely on our certified experts for the most even application of color and say goodbye to a splotchy orange complexion.

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Mission Statement

At OATS, our mission is to educate tanning enthusiasts on how to tan smart.

Why Choose Us

Work with us if you love your body and skin. We offer organic, sunless tanning solutions that are rich in essential vitamins as well as anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. Our nourishing, sugar-based solutions will surely moisturize, revitalize, and leave your skin with a healthier and younger glow. With our services, we are able to:

  • Improve your overall skin quality using purely organic solutions
  • Customize colors to match your skin tone (light, medium, or dark)
  • Apply treatment for any skin type (normal, dry, oily, or combination)
  • Conceal tan lines
  • Provide custom contouring and muscle definition
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and varicose veins
  • Mask skin imperfections like birthmarks or scars
  • Camouflage skin disorders such as vitiligo
  • Apply treatment over tattoos, makeup, or body makeup
  • Achieve a shimmering gloss

Get Luxurious Tanning Service at Your Convenience

Book an appointment today at our beautiful salon located in the heart of charming Pasadena. For your convenience, you can also opt for our mobile service that travels to homes and offices in Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley.

We use eco-certified, odorless, and fast-drying solutions so you can have your OATS tan effortlessly and go about your day. Reach out to us today.


Our Perfect Tanning Package

Are you glamming up for a special occasion? Do you want that splash of color while building your base tan? Or are you an enthusiast who embraces tanning as a lifestyle? Rely on us.

We offer elite tanning options that will instantly provide you with beautifully bronzed complexion. Get in touch for more details.