Tanning Tip No. 5 The Science of Sunless Tanning

Hey babes, Tati here!

Have you ever wondered about what sunless tanning really does for your skin?
Well, here’s the scoop 🙂

“Sunless tanning sprays, gels, creams, and lotions color the skin without exposure to ultraviolet exposure. The main ingredient in such products is C3H6O3, or dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a simple sugar derived from sugarcane, sugar beets, and the fermentation of glycerin. The colorless 3-carbon sugar compound binds with the first layer of skin, the stratum corneum. These “dead” skin cells lack a nucleus and organelles, and are thus unable to reproduce. However, the dead cells still contain keratin, an amino acid responsible for skin coloration.
When DHA chemically reacts with the keratin in the skin cells, there is a resulting darkening effect. These pigments, called melanoidins, range from yellow to brown, just like the natural melanin of found within the skin’s layers.” NorvellPro.com

So basically, our products latch onto your dead skin cells, and darken you up 🙂 The tanning effects last approximately 1-2 weeks due to your body’s natural tendency to shed off dead skin.

Your natural skin tone plays a role in the process, too.
“The reaction is also affected by pH both on the skin and in the product itself. Sunless products begin to develop within 3-4 hours after application, and continue to darken as long as 24 hours after they are applied.
The intensity of the color is dependent on the proper pH balance of the skin, the formulations concentration of the DHA, along with the natural skin color and tone.” NorvellPro.com

For a lot of my #OATS girls, our tan doesn’t develop as dark as it would on another girl, simply due to each girls individual PH level and their natural skin tones. However, the tan is still dark and gorgeous, and is the right shade for each person to match their unique pigment 🙂

Well, there ya have it, there is more to tanning than just gorgeous glowing skin!

Class dismissed!




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