Tanning Tip NO. 6 Maintaining Your Spray Tan

Hey babes, Tati here!

This weeks post is all about maintenance. We’re going to turn you into professionals who can rock AND maintain a gorgeous #OATS spray tan!

So you got sprayed, and are feeling like a new human, but how do you keep that fresh feelin’ going?

Moisturizers are KEY!
It is no surprise that over time, your tan will fade. The key is to make it look great while it fades, and avoid blotching.

Post Spray session, make sure to:
– Use the Norvell moisturizer daily (more than once)
– Use the Norvell shower cleanser (its gentle and wont strip off the tan)
– Use Norvell endurance color extender when spots start to fade.
– Once it starts to come off, exfoliate the spray tan away and use the Endurance products until you can come in for your next spray session 🙂

Now that you are experts on what to do after your tan, here are some simple steps to follow prior to your spray tan to optimize results:
– Shave a day or two before your session
– Exfoliate regularly
– Use the Norvell product line as your daily skincare products
– Get an oats tan
and repeat 🙂

Follow these and you will be glowing year round! 🙂

Happy tanning!



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