Tanning Tip NO. 8 Bronzing: The OATS Touch

Hey ladies & gents, Tati here!

This weeks tips are going to help you maintain your fresh spray tan, with revolutionary bronzing products 🙂 These life-savers will help you get the most bang for your buck, and dramatically extend the life of your tan!

After your appointment, you’ll be saying “I NEVER want to lose this glow!” And thats what Norvell Venetian Sunless Color Extender is here for. Inspired by the skin colors found in the European Riviera, the gorgeous deep brown shade extends your tan with a boost of immediate color, that will absolutely NOT leave you looking orange. #NoOopmaLoompas Why? Because the Norvell products we use blend with your natural skin tone and create a long lasting, dark tan. Venetian is the perfect product to use between appointments to maintain your tan.

Many people seek a spray tan before an important event, vacation, honeymoon, etc. Inevitably on vacation, people will want to jump in the ocean or pool to cool off, and this will take a toll on their spray tan. But not to worry, you’ll be practicing the #OATStouch & avoid premature color fade by packing our color extender in your bag! (; We recommend using Venetian after EVERY shower to extend your tan and keep it looking fabulous.

Do you dare to bronze?




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