Tanning Tip NO. 12 Prep and Maintenance

Hey babes, Tati here!

Here is the low down on airbrush tanning:

What you should do to prep BEFORE your session:
– You will want to shave, shower, and exfoliate ONE day before your appointment.

-We recommend wearing loose comfy clothing to your session to prevent staining your clothing.

What to expect during & after your session:
–  The color starts oxidizing (getting deeper and darker) every hour, for 12 hours.
–  You want to shower first thing in the morning.
–  Use the recommended products and the color should last you 7-10 days.
– The Norvell kit works like a system, that way your tan will last long, look good when it fades, and you’ll get the MAX benefits from each session.

If you follow all of our advice, your skin will thank you for your glow 🙂

Happy tanning!

Eva Catherine

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