Tanning Tip NO. 13 The Tan Commandments

Hey babes, Tati here!

There are 10 basic rules, commandments if you will, to be successful with airbrush tanning:

1. Thou shalt book an appointment with OATS tanning.

2. Thou shalt properly exfoliate before spray tanning.

3. Thou shalt use Norvell products before, during, and after your session to prep and maintain the faux glow.

4. Thou shalt let your fresh spray tan dry before getting dressed.

5. Thou shalt wear loose, dark clothing after thy session.

6. Thou shalt not go to the gym or get sweaty between the spray session and showering stages.

7. Thou shalt remember to put dark colored sheets on thy bed before sleeping to avoid color transfer.

8. Thou shalt take a shower in the morning or 12 hours after your session.

9. Thou shalt remember to pat dry after the shower, and evenly shower the bronzers off to avoid streaks or uneven-ness.

10. Thou shalt repeat the steps to achieve the optimal OATS glow.

If you follow the tan commandments, you’ll be glowing in no time!

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