Tanning Tip NO. 14 Outfits to Compliment Your Tan

Hey babes, Tati here!

So you just got your spray tan and are ready to conquer the world.
Here are our top 5 wardrobe color schemes to show off that glow!

  1. White

Classic white outfits are sure to pop your tan with the stark contrast.

@evaacatherine pictured above

2. Coral

bright shades always compliment a glow. Coral clothing choices bring out that rosey glow in your skin.

3.  Gold

shimmering shades of gold bring out those shimmery undertones in your skin. This color is especially perfect to pair with your tan on date night. Add some shimmery eye makeup and you’re a golden goddess.

image from pinterest.

4. Light Blue

We love light blue against a deep brown tan. Nothing says summer more than this fresh combo!

 image from pinterest

5. Light Pink
One of my all time favorites! Its so sweet and feminine, and i mean dang, look at how amazing that tan looks!

image from pinterest.

We here at Oats love all these gorgeous #ootd color schemes, and we know all you #OATSbabes will rock them!

Tag us @oatstanning so we can see your adorable outfits!



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