Tanning Tip NO. 15 How to Extend your Tan

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We all know that there’s nothing quite like that immediate confident feeling you get right after your spray tan session. #LiquidConfidence

Its important to follow a Norvell skincare routine to extend that glow, and keep it looking gorgeous as it fades.

Proper Exfoliation.

3 days prior to your appointment, start exfoliating everyday to allow your skin to be as soft and supple as possible. This will help your skin to properly soak in the tan. The better condition your skin is in , the longer the tan will last, and the better it will look.

Loose Clothing and proper footwear.

We highly recommend wearing loose clothing with the most minimal skin-to-clothing contact as possible. Theres nothing worse than a bra strap line! We recommend going barefoot to let the tan dry for 30 minutes, to prevent flip flop lines. But. if you end up with some strap marks, just exfoliate your feet to blend it out.

Wipe off your deodorant, foundation, and lotion.

These products can create a barrier and lead to splotchy color. Eye makeup is okay, but make sure to get all foundation off to prevent clogged pores and development of pesky blackheads.

Shower correctly

12 hours following your session, it”s very important to make sure that you rub off the cosmetic layer of bronzers in the shower evenly, to prevent tiger stripes (those lines of the water hitting your skin unevenly). We recommend the Norvell cleanser for its amazing coconut scent and even results, but any natural body wash will do just fine.

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