Tanning Tip NO. 20 Don’t Look Like a Pumpkin!

Hey babes, Tati here!

So what’s the difference between an airbrush tan and a spray tan? Well, quite a big one actually. We all desire that deep brown color over a streaky, orange mess., right? One route will give you a gorgeous, effortless tan, and the other will leave you orange, streaky, and uneven. Lets discuss.

Spray tanning tends to look more orange than brown, and in most cases streaks very easily. This type of tan is achieved by getting into a “robot booth” where an automated machine sprays you from head to toe with a generic color made for every skin tone. The stench is intense, and it is the clients responsibility to make sure that they move around constantly in order for the robot to spray every inch of them. Often times, these booths don’t give enough time for the person to thoroughly & accurately cover themselves in the tanning solution. This option also requires multiple sessions to fully cover the body in tanner, and by then, the color is WAY too dark. Yikes.

Don’t worry Oats Babes, theres a better option.

Opt for an Oats airbrush tan. Our tan is much more beautiful, streak-free, and it thoroughly covers the whole body. Our spray artist custom mixes the tanning color to best match your skin, allowing you to completely avoid that undesirable orange color. We make sure to spray every nook and cranny evenly, and we make sure that you walk out of the room glowing. We custom mix each clients color to match their your skin tone, and we make sure that no skin is left un-tanned! And the best part is, you only need one Oats session to cover your whole body in luxurious Norvell tanning solution, and it lasts 7-10 days. We are able to bring our equipment to your home, as well for convenient tanning sessions.

So basically, airbrush tanning is a no brainer. Say goodbye to your spray tanning days! Your skin will thank you for your new, gorgeous glow 🙂 Contact us today!

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