Tanning Tip NO. 22 Sunshine is Essential!

Hey babes, Tati here!

Sunshine is essential for life. It provides us with Vitamin D that our body needs which:

  •  is anti-cancer
  • supports the immune system
  • protects against dementia and brain aging
  • good for loosing excess fat
  • essential for decreasing symptoms of asthma
  • strengthens teeth


Not only does the sun help our body stay healthy, it gives our skin a healthy glow.

It has finally started to feel like winter, which means we’re about to bust out our coats, scarves, beanies, leggings, and sweaters. This means no sun for our skin when we’re all bundled up.

This is where a sunless airbrush tan is extremely beneficial for your skin to glow year round 🙂

Let OATS bring the sunshine! Book your appointment today and come get your shine on!



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