Tanning Tip NO. 33 Tanning on Vacation

Hey babes, Tati here!

Following our ideal OATS tanning schedule before you leave + when you leave for your vacation requires some planning. These are the products + schedule you’ll want to follow:

Tropical Vacation – More upkeep / before

Prior to your vacation, you will want to follow the ideal tanning schedule before you leave, and follow the product guide while you’re at your destination.

While you’re on your tropical vacay, you’ll want to use these 3 key products

-daily cleanser, will prevent your tan from premature fade

-endurance self tan/tan extender to preserve your color

-while you’re laying out in the sun, you’ll want to have your HydroFirm spray, and your cal-Tan SPF 30. We recommend using this particular SPF because it doesn’t contain any oils that would cause premature fade on your tan.

If you’re traveling to a colder location, follow our simple AM/PM tan routine on our blog page (NO. 32)

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