Tanning Tip NO. 35 Tanning the Mindful Way

Hey babes, Tati here!

It is so important to be mindful when it comes to tanning. Sunless tanning is an amazing alternative to laying out. As you know, your skin can become damaged when it is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. To help prevent against the harmful UV rays, it is crucial to protect your skin before soaking up some vitamin D. A great way to prep for sun exposure is by getting a spray tan. A spray tan provides a base for your skin to tan naturally in the sun.

However, if at all possible, it is highly recommended to skip laying out altogether and opt for a spray tan instead. After one airbrush session, you will have a deep tan and look as if you had spent weeks laying out in the sun. Immediate color is how we roll! We want you to love the skin you’re in.

Remember babes, a spray tan provides a base tan. So never go in the sun naked again 😉



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