Tanning Tip NO. 36 Whats in the Nude?

Hey babes, Tati here!

So, what’s in the nude? Your real skin is so beautiful and what we do here at OATS its enhance that natural skin tone. We want YOU to be YOU. This is why we custom match your light, medium or dark olive skin tone to the perfect airbrush shade. We aren’t trying to make you appear a different race, we are just here to enhance your naturally beautiful skin tone with a deeper glow.

Recommendations //

Very light skin tones: This beautiful skin tone is typically on an individual with freckles and light/red hair. Pale skin tones are highly prone to sunburns and we highly recommend getting an OATS tan as a base before spending any serious time in the sun, and always use SPF30+ . We suggest using the lightest spray tan shade, but you can also go 2 shades darker if you are looking for a deeper bronze glow.

Light (european) skin tones: This lovely skin tone is milky white and beautiful, but is also very prone to sunburn. Although european skin tones tan a bit easier, it is still highly recommended to get an OATS spray tan as a base and applying SPF30+ before any sun exposure. For your OATS session, we suggest using a medium spray tan shade.

Medium skin tones: This skin tone is just stunning. Redness from the sun is not as prominent, typically you will only see a bronzed glow when time is spent in the sun. For this skin tone, we suggest using a medium-dark spray solution to enhance the natural beauty.

Dark – black skin tones: Dark skin tones are the least prone to sunburns, but all skin tones are susceptible to UV damage. We cannot stress enough the importance of using SPF30+ whenever spending time in the sun. We recommend using the darkest spray tan solution to achieve dark, glowing results.

We hope this information helps you in your color selection for your next OATS session 🙂

Cheers until next week!



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