Tanning Tip NO.41 National Sunshine Month

Hey babes, Tati here!

May has officially been declared as National Sunshine Month! Do you know how important sunshine is to our health? Essentially, sunshine makes people happy and healthy. Moms feel better with a tan, and there is evidence to support that healthy amounts of Vitamin D help to increase lifespan and keep us thriving.

Being cooped up inside due to the decline in outdoor based jobs, many people who are unable to soak up the sun find themselves with a weaker immune system and slimmer chance of fighting off life threatening diseases.

“Advice from some within the medical community, and even our own government, encouraging Americans to avoid the sun is an immense threat to human health,” said Baggerly of Grassroots health. Grassroots health has taken it into their own hands to increase awareness with their new program, “Harness the Power of the Sun for Health.” This program will provide software to help people track their vitamin D intake and reach their sunshine goals.

Getting the proper amount of sunshine has been proven to lower rates of colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, pre-term birth, and other life-threatening illnesses. Ample amounts of vitamin D also has a positive effect on ‘depression, hypertension and even reducing the mortality rates of people who have been diagnosed with skin cancer.’

So, get out in that beautiful sunshine babes! Soak it up!



Information from: grassrootshealth.net/harnessthesun

photo credit: Instagram @savv_soutas

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