OATS Airbrush Tanning FAQ

How long does the airbrushing process take?

A mere 30 minutes for a full body airbrush treatment, drying throughout the process.

How long does the airbrush tan last?

Between five and twelve days, depending on how you care for your skin. If you moisturize and take care of your skin, your tan will last longer. Using recommended moisturizer and body cleanser special formula will sustain the airbrush tan, and if applied at least once a day, will extend the life of your tan by 50 to 75%.

How do I prepare for my airbrush tanning session?

  • For the best results, shower and exfoliate your skin the night before your airbrush tanning session and use a recommended moisturizing lotion.
  • If you need to shave, wax, laser, exercise or get your nails done, do so at least 1 day prior to your appointment.
  • The day of your session do not apply lotions, oils, gels, perfumes, deodorants, or any other products (including make up if you want your face tanned) that may create a barrier.
  • Showering with moisturizing soaps like Dove is not recommended as it can inhibit the mist from absorbing into your skin.
  • Wear loose clothing or a summer dress, and flip-flops.
  • After your treatment you will want to wear loose clothing for 2 hours and avoid bathing for 6 hours to allow the solution ample time to react with the amino acids in the skin.

What Do I Wear For My Airbrush Tanning Session?

WOMEN: Lingerie, a bathing suit or opt for no tan lines
MEN: We require that you wear a bathing suit, underwear or Speedo

How Safe Is Airbrush Tanning?

The active ingredient, Eco Certified DHA (dihydroxyacetone), is derived from raw sugar cane and is the only active ingredient approved by the FDA for sunless tanning products. DHA has been used safely over the years in numerous sunless tanning products, such as creams and lotions. NORVELL AIRBRUSH TANNING uses premium quality products that are manufactured with the most advanced technology and purest ingredients available. Our water and aloe based solutions allow for better absorption and longer-lasting results than similarly advertised products, many of which are alcohol based and very drying to the skin.

What Is The Difference Between Airbrush Tanning And Using Cream, Lotion or Self-Spray Sunless Tanners?

Imagine the difference between wearing oven mitts on your hands to smear paint over your car and using the mist from an airbrush to paint it. Even with the greatest of care and help from a friend to get all the places you cannot reach, you cannot duplicate the evenness and natural look of an airbrush tan, custom applied and tailored to your skin type by a certified technician.

What Is The Difference Between Airbrush Tanning And The Spray Booths?

The end result (your tan) is the difference between taking your car to the quickie car wash and having it hand detailed.

  • Sprays everywhere uncontrollably
  • Uneven
  • Inconsistent
  • Splotchy
  • Streaky
  • Orange
  • Alcohol based solution that dries the skin


  • Certified Airbrush Tanning Technicians
  • Beautiful natural looking tan
  • Contouring and muscle definition
  • Artistic, custom applications to compliment your skin tone and skin type, as well as accommodate the areas where you need a little more or a little less
  • Mobile solutions to make tanning more accessible