Love Your Skin

Tanning Tip NO 43 Why We Are Excited For Summer

Hey babes, Tati here!The first day of summer is coming up on June 21st, and you know what that means? ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 42 Quick Fix for Cellulite

Hey babes, Tati here! Many of us women have cellulite. Its tricky to get rid of, and can be a ...
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Tanning Tip NO.41 National Sunshine Month

Hey babes, Tati here! May has officially been declared as National Sunshine Month! Do you know how important sunshine is to ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 40 Sunburns

Hey babes, Tati here! Summer is coming, and that means sunburns are too. Avoiding laying out in the sun and ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 39 // 360 Fit Haus Event, Dont Miss It!

Hi Oats babes, Tati here! We have teamed up with 360 Fit Haus to offer you some amazing deals at ...
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Hey babes, Tati here! Who rocked out at Coachella this past weekend? We were feeling some major FOMO and cant ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 37 Get Glowing for Coachella!

Hey babes, Tati here! Spring Celebration season is in full swing! Easter is coming up, and Coachella is this weekend… ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 36 Whats in the Nude?

Hey babes, Tati here! So, what’s in the nude? Your real skin is so beautiful and what we do here ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 35 Tanning the Mindful Way

Hey babes, Tati here! It is so important to be mindful when it comes to tanning. Sunless tanning is an ...
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Tanning Tip NO. 34 The OATS Specialty

Hey babes, Tati here! Here at OATS, we specialize in custom organic airbrush tanning. Every clients tan is customized according ...
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