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Rockstar Clients!

Amazing! So happy to have found an amazing airbrush tanning salon near my work. I am extremely pale and was always scared to get a spray tan. I feared looking orange and had seen way too many failed spray tan pictures. I got my first spray tan with Tatyana at Oats. I am so pleased with my look. I look naturally bronzed. You really can't tell that it's a spray tan because it's so even and natural. It looks like I took a tropical vacation. 

It was so easy to make an appointment and she is located in a convenient area with ample street parking. I got this tan right before my birthday but I'm definitely going to start coming frequently. A must try!

Rockstar Clients!

Shoutout to Sherri for making me a glowing goddess!!! 
Best. Tan. Ever. 
I'm not even kidding people. I've had many sprays and this one is the best. Its so smooth and even, I showered the morning after and was soooo Golden. And on the brown side and not orange! And I think the best part, is after a spray I feel super yucky and sticky, but this one dried! Definitely will be coming back for another one!

Rockstar Clients!

I have to say I have become addicted to my bi-weekly tans ! They look so incredibly natural there is no need for damaging sun . Tatyana is a master at blending and creating the perfect shade for your skin tone and occasion . I love that the product is chemical free as well . I was using self tanner before and the most effective ones are filled with chemicals like Parabens which are dangerous. So now I can keep my tan and feel good about what's going into my skin . I also love the new location right off of Green . It's so convenient and the space is really cute and much mote  private feeling .

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