Tanning Tip NO. 42 Quick Fix for Cellulite

May 16, 2017 By
Hey babes, Tati here!
Many of us women have cellulite. Its tricky to get rid of, and can be a bummer to our self esteem.
Don’t worry beauties, we have a quick fix for you!
If you’re eager to reduce the appearance of cellulite, building muscle can make a big difference. But for you boss babes short on time, there’s a simpler solution: the trusty spray tan. Spray tans can make your skin tone look more even and reduce the appearance of cellulite-related dimpling.
Spray tans can cover: scars, acne, stretch marks, and ofcourse cellulite.
Camouflage  your cellulite + skin imperfections with a custom OATS spray tan. 🙂
See you in the salon!

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